MyFanmail: February Box Review

I love subscription boxes, and I’m glad I can finally pretend that I brought one for totally responsible reasons of for a review instead of just I WANT IT.

The box is from MyFanmail a self described “mystery box for lady geeks”, that’s run by two geeky ladies. A one month subscription (for shirt sizes small – XL) is $21.99 before postage. Be warned all the postage options are pretty fast options so postage will add probably at least a fiver to your total.

This month’s theme was FAMILIARS AND COMPANIONS.

Even the outside of the box is pretty, despite the scuffs it received in the mail. I also love the logo!

So what’s inside?


As always there’s an original design shirt. This one features a cross over between Avatar’s Appa and Totoro’s Catbus!

Plush Eevee.

A sticker with a quote from Doctor Who‘s Donna Noble

An exclusive necklace that is apparently from Sailor Moon

An exclusive BB8  Pillowcase
Pillowcase before and after pillow

An adorable Niffler themed pouch

Finally there was also a “Get Shit Done” notebook and a quote bookmark that’s from a team up with Bookstr. I don’t know if the quotes vary from box to box, but I liked mine  because it’s from Christopher Paolini, as I love Eragon.

Each box also includes a notecard explaining each item, as well as a list of all the geeky things coming up in the next couple of months. I have to say as someone who loves lists I rreeaaallyyy like this feature.

So is the box worth your money? I don’t know, I’m not one of those blogs that does price estimates (sorry).  It is however a fun mix of geeky stuff that’s definitely fun to open! It also helps soften the financial blow, if your someone who gets hooked easily, (ahem definitely not me) that it’s a bimonthly box.

(I’d also recommend checking out the sites social media pages before buying a box, as they often put up hints of what franchises are included in each box – so you can make sure the items will be relevant to your interests)


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