Hamilton Chicago: Some Observations

This is basically just a summery of some the thoughts I had/remember from watching Hamilton Chicago. Some of these are pretty common knowledge on tumblr but I decided to include them anyway in case people haven’t seen them.

Here we go:

  • The first ALEXANDER HAMILTON was met with applause so long and loud they had to pause the song
  • Peggy’s first “and Peggy” is more of a sigh of exasperation – she does not want to be in town
  • Burr is the mom friend who is constantly SO DONE WITH THIS GUY – in Farmer Refuted, Laurens has to distract Burr so Hamilton can run off and get into an argument with the farmer – and by argument I mean he climbs on the guy’s podium
  • – And Burr pulls him down
  • George Washington enters the play with the expression and tone of WE.ARE. SO.FFFUUCCKKKEEDDD.
  •  By the end of Satisfied Angelica is full on sob singing. She’s barely keeping it together at the end of the song

  • When Alexander kisses angelica’s hand all the frozen dancers move a fraction like the whole room is swooning – it was one of my favourite moments in the whole play

  • This Angelica seems more I don’t know what the word is -scrappy? than I imagined her. This Angelica seems to have alot more of a hunger like Hamilton

  •  Hamilton’s lawyer table dance is super different here –  from the gifs on tumblr, so I guess each actor personalises it

  • The two beats at the end of Nonstop are Hamilton pulling his hands from the hands of  Angelica and Eliza

  • Unlike the other songs, that have to slow themselves down for audience applause, Jefferson actively encourages your applause when he first appears
  • Honestly even though its kind of obvious in retrospect Madison comes across wwwaayy more of a henchmen than I realised
  • You the audience, are the cabinet in the cabinet battle
  • Jefferson is so confused when Burr turns up in the middle of it ‘Washington on your side‘, he gives the audience a great  ‘WTF is happening’ look
  • Eliza’s encouraging hand waves to Philip during ‘Take a break‘ are so adorable – Eliza is a great mom
  • George Washington really does look ashamed when Eliza gives her line about fighting against slavery

  • I don’t know about New York but in Chicago’s production one Eliza’s line is notably different to the cast recording.  Instead of “Will they tell your story” she says ‘Will they tell OUR story’.
  • At the end of the play Hamilton takes Eliza’s hand and brings her to the front of the stage. The play breaks the forth wall as  Eliza gasps and smiles with happiness as she sees the audience watching Hamilton’s story

Watching Hamilton as a fan is gives you kind of weird feeling. It’s kind of like watching a really good book adaption of something you love but like in reverse. It has that experience of watching to see how they interpret the material ‘OH that’s how they did that’ or ‘OH that’s how that line is supposed to be said’ but unlike a book adaptation you’re seeing how they tell this story for the first time.

If you’re a fan of Hamilton you’re experience will probably go something like this:

After the 1st act: I SMILED THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH THIS IS AMAZING Yeah! I’m so f$@king pumped!

After the 2nd act: Nobody talk to me. I’m EMOTIONALLY RAW.


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