My Chicago Itinerary: Seeing Hamilton as a socially awkward nerd


I thought that I’d write my Itinerary for Hamilton, just in case some other socially awkward nerd happened to be travelling sole and was frantically searching the internet for advice.

Because I was travelling sole I booked the Club Quarters Hotel, which also shares a building with the Central Loop Hotel, so you can book either one really.  The hotel isn’t to expensive – for a hotel. You can get a room for under a hundred dollars – my room was just under 90 dollars. The hotel itself is only a couple of blocks away from the PrivateBank Theater and it’s in a pretty public area so you don’t have to afraid to walk to and from the theater by yourself at night.

The route from the Club Quarters Hotel, to the Theater

If you end up getting there too early, there’s a Starbuck’s just down the road that has charging ports for your phone.


You can google where all the traditional tourists sites are in relation to your hotel so I’m just going to throw out a couple of things. A) The theater is close to Chicago’s version of Magnolia Bakery, yes I did buy myself cupcakes and ate them on my double bed in my hotel roomMagnolia Bakery.png


The banana pudding really is that good, and this is from someone who hates bananas.

Also it’s right near the Disneystore!

Disney Store.png

They had a sale on star wars figures when I was there and I definitely did not spend way too much on figures …..


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