Twin Peaks Revival: Predictions and Hopes

Spoilers ahead for all of  Twin Peaks


Cooper is BOB
Lets get that elephant out of the room. When we left Twin Peaks Agent Cooper was still possessed. Now the question is, has that status changed at all in the past twenty years? I’d guess not. My prediction is that Agent Cooper is not only  possessed but is now also the face of BOB . After all the little information we have about the series reports Cooper as missing. Sadly the original actor (Frank Silva) who played BOB with such brilliantly terrifying ability passed away back in 1990’s.

I winced so many times in the process of obtaining this GIF.

However it is unlikely that Twin Peaks will let go of its primary villain. Perhaps we’ll discover that the face we associate BOB with was never even BOB’s original face at all. I can see a reasonable explanation being that he takes on the face of someone if he’s been possessing them for long enough. After inhibiting his body for over twenty five years BOB could have taken on Coop’s face, allowing Kyle MacLachlan to take  on the role.

If not Kyle Maclachlan then Ray Wise will be the face of BOB

The other obvious candidate for the face of BOB is Ray Wise. This would also make alot of sense given that he’s signed up for episodes despite Leland’s death in the series over twenty years ago.He’s not Frank Silva but Ray Wise is a pretty close second, his performance as Leland creeps me out more than his performance as the devil.

The original Twin Peaks ended on a question I’m sure we’re still asking now:

giphy (2).gif

It’s not looking good for her, I mean Twenty-five years ago a murderous spirit really wanted to know how she’s doing and now Heather Graham has stated she wasn’t asked to return.

What if Agent Cooper has essentially been caught up in the same terrible circle of BOB’s evil as Leland was? What if like Leland he’s been forced to carry out murders for the last twenty five years? Does Agent Cooper have his own Laura Palmer? And if so was she able to escape the same fate as Laura. Maybe she got out of town before her father could kill her and became the female FBI agent investigating the town that the promos have mentioned?

Another one of Laura Palmer’s suspiciously similar looking relatives will turn up

Seems a good way to get her back into the show, or Laura aged in purgatory? If any show is going to handwave ageing in purgatory as normal its probably a David Lynch show.

 Lucy and Andy’s baby

Is it gonna be played by Michael Cera? It is isn’t it?
twin peaks - post-it andy.jpg  + Lucy-Moran.jpg = MV5BNTgyNDgxMjUyOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDYxNzY1OQ@@._V1_UX214_CR0,0,214,317_AL_.jpg ?

It would make sense to of the silliest doofiest looking characters in the show would have a child played by the silliest doofiest looking actor around (I’m sorry Michael Cera’s face I’m really sorry!). Honestly the real twist would be that that baby was being played by Amanda Seyfried.

 Ed and Norma are still circling each other:

Honestly one my favourite background things about Twin Peaks, was the revelation that apparently the reason Ed and Norma are in their respective miserable positions is because of one particularly bad weekend in high school that resulted in Norma ending up with  Hank and Ed married to Nadine, who lost her eye. The fact that there was a whole previous generation of teens who had also been involved in ridiculous soap opera shenanigans that had effected their entire lives made the shows teens plot lines a lot easier to swallow. And  It makes the idea in this reboot that everyone would still be hanging around their high school town still living down the things that happened when they were teens a lot more palatable. That’s kind of just what happens in twin peaks apparently.


And, yes all of these hopes are extremely childish and random

Audrey Horne is alive and rules the world
Although things didn’t look to good for Audrey when we last left her, chained to a bank vault which then exploded, the recent book ‘secret history of twin peaks’ has confirmed she survived the blast.

I love Audrey Horne and I can only hope that she’s gone on to achieve what you’d expect from her character. Because recently revivals seem to think to have a compelling story you have to shove your character all the way back to the bottom (Ahem Gilmore Girls). I’d rather see Audrey Horne in a similar position to her Dad. Ruling the world and fighting to stay there, rather than say discovering that after 25 years Audrey still hasn’t gotten to the top.

My one hope for this is that Audrey’s actress loves her probably more than I do. I think Sherilyn Fenn summarised it best in an interview with the AV Club.

AVC: Did you ever imagine her as being Audrey Horne if she’d never left One Eyed Jack’s, or was that just the Twin Peaks fans who did that?

SF: Yeah, that’s just them. I’m like, “Are you kidding? Audrey would’ve taken over her father’s business and would’ve been married to Agent Cooper with many children, doing everything correct. She wouldn’t have a fucking brothel!” [Laughs.] Not at all.

Although it may be best to scratch that Agent Cooper part if he is BOB

Ed and Norma are married 

Just when we thought those crazy kids were finally free to correct the mistakes of their teen years and finally settle down together, Nadine’s sudden regain of her memory but another bump in their plans to settle down. Let’s hope they didn’t spend another twenty years circling each other. (Even though we all know they probably did).

Ben failed at everything

I hate Ben

 Phoebe Tonkin makes a cameo

Even if its just a five second cameo I would love for someone to acknowledge the eerie similarities between Madchen Amick and Phoebe Tonkin, if Shelly’s produced any kids in the last 25 years or gained any similarly looking nieces, Phoebe Tonkin is the actor for the part.

If Harry’s no longer around then, there’s only one guy who should be Sheriff…..

Hawk, the greatest deputy ever. It came to my attention while watching Twin Peaks that while Sheriff Truman and Agent Cooper were constantly off playing silly buggers, you know investigating dreams and stuff, Hawk was the one constantly doing the actual police work, interviewing suspects, doing the paperwork. Come up with a hare brain plan to infiltrate one eyed jacks? Need a useful deus ex machina? Look no further it’s Hawk!


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