Let’s over analyse the EW Twin Peaks photos!

First Cover: Nadine, Ed and James Hurley. 
Okay it may just be for the cover but if their positioning is indicating anything then it seems that, yes Ed has spent yet another twenty years married to a women he doesn’t love. If their faces are any indication Nadine is pretty happy about this while Ed not so much. Poor Norma.
James is also back, presumably with tales of his bizarre sub plot. So I guess that whole leaving Twin Peaks thing was just him being dramatic for a couple of weeks in his teens. He’s also apparently still dressing in the exact same style of clothing as when he was a teenage. I would take more issue with this except even within the original show Ed and Norma were stuck in their respective situations because of essentially one bad weekend from when they were teenagers. Everyone in Twin Peaks is kind of stuck in the past.

ew-1459_97970703344.jpgCover 2: Laura Palmer (?), presumably David Lynch not Gordon Cole, Agent Cooper and Audrey Horne.
Laura is back! Or maybe one of her identical relatives, I really.. can’t tell…
Biggest question of this cover (no it’s not about doughnuts) why is Audrey Horne leaning on Agent Cooper?? Is this just another one of their suggestive publicity photos of old, or could this suggest the two will/or have finally gone there with their relationship? If so I’m not sure how I feel about this because will I love Audrey and Agent Cooper I’m also fairly certain Cooper is possessed. Therefore my reaction is pretty much, get away from him Audrey! Get FAR AWAY.
ew-1459_73924394093.jpgCover 3: Shelley, Bobbie Briggs, Norma
Looks like Shelley and Norma are still stuck at the dinner after all these years. I hope Norma has moved past Ed if he is still married. Hopefully Shelley’s been living free of Leo, though it looks like she may still be with Bobby which I guess means she and Agent Cole never worked anything out. Really Shelley? You haven’t upgraded in 25 years?

000251621hr.jpgHawk! My favourite deputy has returned. I can only hope that he has been made Sheriff in Harry’s absence. I honestly can’t tell and I am not one of those awesome competent with photoshop blogs who can blow the image but that badge could say Sheriff. However it could also say Hawk, Tommy, or Hill for all I know. Anyways I hope my favourite officer continues his job of doing actual investigative work *cough* *cough* Agent Cooper.

James as we’ve already seen is back. But whose the kid with him? Random Extra or perhaps his son? They do kind of look alike.

Denise! David Duchovny’s fan favourite character returns. I think the most interesting thing here is Denise looks like one of the only characters who looks like she’s maybe moved on up in life. I mean she could also be being fired at the moment or something it’s kind of hard to tell, but it kind of looks like she’s in some kind of powerful position. It will also be interesting to see how the show handle’s Denise’s character given the improvement  in transgender representation over the years. 000251624hr.jpgAgent Cole is back as is Albert played by the now sadly departed Miguel Ferrer. Perhaps they’re investigating the disappearance of Cooper?

000251630hr.jpgAndy and Lucy are back and like everyone else still working the same jobs. They look worried – about something murder and or Cooper related? Or maybe their kid grew up to be a trouble maker? It would be 25 by now…


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