MyFanmail April Box Review: ‘The gang’s all here’

Hooray! It’s fanmail box time! This month’s theme is ‘THE GANG’S ALL HERE’IMG_2627.JPG
I really like the box design, it’s cute.

So what’s inside?IMG_2629.JPG

A scarf with what I am told is the pattern from charmed on it

A Jyn Erso/Rebel Alliance beanie

A pin and a set of playing cards from rejected princesses, a book about often overlooked women in history


Harry Potter postcard


Harley Quinn Nail art

A Guardians of the galaxy themed bath bomb with some kind of charm inside, I cannot tell you what charm because I do not currently have a bath.

The box also contained a bunch of free previews, including a book preview, promotions for a game company and the legend of korra comic preview.

There is also the card that explains what everything is, this time it also doubles as a colouring page! I really like this little card mainly because I. LOVE. LISTS and this card not only tells you what’s in the box but also all of the upcoming geeky shows and movies you’ll want to put on your calendar.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this month’s box, although all of the items this month are kind of flat in shape which somehow makes it less exciting than last month’s box to me. Is that a weird critique? That’s probably a weird critique.


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