Introducing the Runaways

Oh the Runaways. This is it, this is my comic. This is the comic I am fully aware I will never fairly judge the TV show  adaptations of because it will not be the comic and that’s not the TV show’s fault.  When Captain Marvel was announced I was excited  but Runaways I’m excited but I’m also nervous.  I finally get how the dudes who think every movie ruined they’re childhood feel because I am too attached to this fictional property.  This is the comic I love so much that it makes my heart go a little faster which…. I’m not sure about, are there any nerd doctors on hand, I don’t think that’s normal. ….

Anyway I am here to use my obsession for good, I impart to you, my nerd knowledge…

Introducing the original line up of The Runaways.

first-cast-photo-hulu-and-marvels-runaways.jpgdownload (1).jpeg

So the basic premise of the Runaways is that once a year a group of rich LA kids have to hang out for a night while their parents have a charity meeting. This year however the teens decide to spy on their parents (and at first assume their hosting some kind of weird sex party) and see them murder a young woman. They discover the horrible truth that their parents are a gang of supervillians named ‘The Pride’.

250px-The_Pride (1).jpg

The pride has avoided detection all these years because their smart, their not into fighting spiderman in front of banks. Despite their outfits they’re far more into mob crime and they control the entire criminal underworld of L.A. The kids freak out, steal some of their parents weapons and …. you guessed it…. runaway

Alex Wilder


Alex is the team leader, the son of two regular human mob bosses. Alex’s power lies in his intellect. he’s also a serious superhero fan boy, the first scene of the comic is Alex playing a video game that you think is a really bizarre superhero fight (And if there was a runaways movie then i would have got Chris Evans in to nail a scene a captain america with MMO players voice). Also he has a crush on Nico, one that starts out douchey though. He complains about having to hang with the geeky girl from last year until he discovers she got hot.

Nico Minoru


The daughter of two dark magicians, Nico’s gothic style is purely coincidental (she also makes her own clothes). Nico is badass and may be suited to be a better team leader than Alex. Nico ‘inherits’ her parent’s heirloom, The Staff of One, when her mum tries to stab her with it. The staff of one is an incredibly powerful magical object that can spellcast almost anything, the catch? It can only cast each spell once. Nico has to get really creative with her spellcasting (OH MY GOD I JUST REALISED PEOPLE MIGHT FINALLY START SELLING AFFORDABLE STAFF OF ONE’S ON ETSY).

One aspect of the staff of one I’m curious to see if they keep is the fact that the staff emerges only when blood is shed. Note is says ‘shed’ because Nico doesn’t necessarily have to cut herself, she just has to shed blood, but yeah this does mean she has to cut herself with a knife alot. I don’t know if they’ll put that on TV.

Gertrude Yorkes


Gert,  oh wow my girl! I love Gert she’s the loud mouthed, liberal,over thinking things  to the point of annoying, chubby, sarcastic one. I related to Gert aaalllllooottt. She’s the daughter of time travellers and while she doesn’t have any of her own powers she does have a telepathic dinosaur from the 23rd century. Yes you read that right, it’s called Old Lace and it’s adorable and awesome.



Chase Stein

Ah, the teams token and only straight white male member. The Jock son of two scientists, Chase has a tough home life. He is literally introduced in the comics being punched by his abusive father for low grades. When they run away he gets ahold of x ray glasses and gauntlets with built in flamethrowers. He’s one of those jerks with a heart of gold. Deep down Chase has a real sensitivity and kindness to him. By the end of the series he was one of my favourites (who am I kidding I love them all).

Karolina Dean


The sunny, daughter of ‘the only happy couple  in hollywood’, smily, friendly, vegetarian. But past the perfect facade, deep down Karolina is terrified she’s a freak not only because she’s the child of aliens but also because of her sexuality. While they don’t reveal this explicitly for a long while in the comics her crush on Nico is implied from their very first scenes together from the way she dotes on her. It will also be interesting to see whether in 2017 Karolina will be openly gay from the start (the comic was written in 2004) . Karolina also has some pretty beautiful alien powers and like superman she gets her powers from the sun. They’ve be hidden from her her entire life by a blocker that her parents gave her in the form of a medi alert bracelet.


Molly Hayes


Princess Powerful! Molly will probably have to be changed a little from the series because Molly is the child of two mutants who hate humanity for the way they’ve been treated. Molly is the most innocent and youngest member of the gang and the only one that doesn’t witness the original murder. Also everyone around her mistakes the arrival of mutant powers for her period. Molly has super strength and the best summary of her character is perhaps the scene that will sadly never make it into film where she fangirls out over wolverine until her threatens her friends at which point she throws him across the room.


I am sad this scene will never make it onto a screen. She also has a large collection of often pink hats, some of them coincidently resemble the pink pussy hats. Netflix Punisher crossover anyone?




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