A Cheap Ass Guide to A Defenders Themed Viewing Party

Having combed over the Netflix series a number of food is mentioned, although none of it really compliments each other so proceed with ensemble caution.

Look I don’t judge you for your crappy avocado toast okay











Avocado Toast: Everyone who has seen Daredevil knows that Foggy and Matt are Avocados at Law, so why not celebrate Matt’s place in the Defenders with this love/hate dish as a tribute to their friendship? Also why not shape the toast into letters and spell out the initials of your favourite characters? Okay British people yes I stole this idea from Love Island DON’T JUDGE ME.


Chinese Food: There’s a scene well documented in the trailer in which the Defenders sit around in a Chinese restaurant (or in my opinion the Defenders sit around and torture Jessica Jones with their nonsense). Since I have no idea what they’re eating, any Chinese food should fit the theme, although Matt does mention shrimp and pork in the trailer.


Look I don’t judge you for your crappy gingerbread okay?

Gingerbread Defenders: Gingerbread + Icing = ‘Defenders’ Cookies. If you’re fancier and less lazy than me you can do it all home made. But these are the crappy cheap versions. Plus gingerbread is kind of a christmas cookie…. kind of a sweet christmas perhaps? Don’t judge me.



Whiskey: Jessica Jones’ drink of choice. This one works on a budget because technically ‘the cheaper the better’ is more accurate to Jessica’s drink of choice. Check out buzzfeed for a definitive guide .


If there isn’t much time, just throw on a shirt: Defenders ones are cooler but if it comes to it any MCU shirt will do. Look, they’re all in the same universe.

If you already have a costume ready then go as a Defender, although my personal nomination is to just tie a grey scarf around your head and say that you’re Matt.


Marvel Trivia

Drinking Game:
Drink when…

  • Jessica drinks
  • Someone claims that the world is changing
  • There’s a group fight scene
  • Claire says that she ‘has a friend’ or ‘knows someone who can help’
  • Two exes have an awkward conversation
  • Iron Fist annoys you with his smugness

(you may be under the table with that last one.)

Sensory Challenge Game: Smell dishes of Chinese food to see if you can identify the contents like Matt… okay yeah I’m stretching with that last one.


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