Runaways 1# She’s bbbbbaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkk!

(spoilers for everything)


SHE LIVES. Yes, despite the fact that this issue opens on Nico’s narration, the bulk of it is devoted to bringing Gert back to life. I suspect the new writer (YA author Rainbow Rowell) didn’t want to make resurrecting Gert too easy, as most of the issue is devoted to Nico frantically trying keep her alive, using increasingly inventive spells from the Staff of One.

If you were wondering how this came about and concluded that Chase pulled some shit, then you’d be right. Yes, Chase inevitably decided that not going back in time and saving Gert was more of a temporary decision rather than a long term one, but I’ll allow the inconsistency because A) I want Gert back and B) Yeah that’s probably something Chase would do.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 17.15.23.png
Either way, it turns out that this series will not be resurrecting Gert so much as ensuring that she never died in the first place. She’s saved from that fateful night and boy did it give me pangs to see that outfit again. The issue ends with Gert stable and I’m sure shit is about to go down because this is sure to bring up a myriad of issues, not least because she is now at least a few years younger than her friends and her boyfriend (is their relationship even legal now???)

I’m glad that Rowell is an avowed fan of the Runaways series and finally achieved the nerd/ Ed Brubaker dream of resurrecting a beloved offed character. As much as the original death plotline made me cry in a good way, I’m glad that my favourite is breathing again and excited to see what this fellow fan has in store for us (and yes I know I’m extremely late on this review, I’ll be up to date by issue three in November).

Unlike this review, the issue is accessible to new readers. I liked the fact it gave a pretty easy rundown of the series without spoiling a good portion of the first comic’s story arc. I also got HUGE feelings with the old outfits and flashback portions of the comic and I’m very excited going forward. It’s almost enough to make me forgive Chase’s new hair. Almost.


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