Things I Want to be Made into Merchandise Now the Runaways Have a Show

Following the announcement of the Captain Marvel movie I remarked (after jumping around copiously,) “imagine all the merchandise that’s coming!”. And whilst there is a cold dead place inside of me that was slowly killed by the movie’s constant push backs that drained my enthusiasm for the film itself, that merchandise part has held true. You can buy Captain Marvel stuff at Hot Topic, not just logo print shirts (what I consider to be the lowest rung of geeky shirts), but a whole range of things, including a themed dress that I just assumed it was fan made when I first saw it because who else would make something that specific?

It’s so beaaauuutttiiffffuuuulllll

With that in mind I’m hoping that the Runaways TV series will be bring some capitalist love to my favourite comic book. If you’re a materialistic person then Runaways is not the fandom for you: in my time on the internet I have found exactly one officially licensed shirt that is no longer sold and its entries on fan powered sites like Etsy and Redbubble can be counted on one hand. I am ready for companies to try and sell me Runaways merch and I have some suggestions.


Seriously, there are no Runaways shirts. I need a shirt with their faces on, I need a shirt with Gert’s face on, I need ‘Anyone says otherwise gets fed to my f$£@ing dinosaur’ on a shirt.

2.Staff of One
Runaways_Vol_2_23_Textless (1).jpg

I need someone to make Staff of One replicas and sell them to me, because I am bad at making things and I have wanted one since I was 16.

3.Molly’s hats

Molly was wearing Pink Cat Hats long before we were living in our current dystopian nightmare. I’d also like one that says Princess Powerful on.

4.Old Lace plushie

BECAUSE I LOVE OLD LACE AND I WANT A TELEPATHIC DINOSAUR OF MY OWN. No joke, someone made an Old Lace plushie for their cosplay and when I bumped into it a convention and I was ecstatic. I may have taken a picture with a giant plushie dinosaur. That convention I was legitimately more pumped to see that dinosaur than Jeremy Renner.

(This a picture of the creator not me)


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