Awesome Media Things Coming Up in March

Note: This is a UK based calendar

4th March: The Oscars

The 90th Academy Awards, who will win? Probably 3 Billboards … yeah probably 3 Billboards

Why be excited:
The outfits! The potential drama! The acknowledgement of key issues on a public stage!

Why have reservations:
Another insular industry event that ultimately a film no one actually watched wins. It’s unlikely that we’ll get another ‘Moonlight’ situation



8th March: Jessica Jones Season 2

She’s back! Jessica Jones returns to Netflix with the entirety of season 2 being dropped on International Women’s day.

Why be excited:
Jessica’s back! It’s been two years since Jessica graced our screens in her own series, even a co-lead spot in The Defenders doesn’t quite fill the gap Jessica Jones left behind and Season 2 looks even more intense with Jessica struggling with the aftermath of her kill at the end of season one. It also looks like we’ll be delving into just what gave Jessica her powers – also, Trish made be doing some vigilantism this season!

Why have reservations:
Netflix shows, in particular, Netflix Marvel shows, have a pretty recognizable slump around the 8th or 9th episode a tell-tale sign that this is a ten episode series stretched to 13, hopefully, this season can avoid this especially now it doesn’t have a final fight with Kilgrave to delay till the season finale. Jessica Jones has also most likely lost the wonderful Luke Cage to his own series and if he does appear we’d have to deal with a damn love triangle.



12th March: Annihilation

In international (i.e Non-US) countries Alex Garland’s Annihilation will arrive not in theatres in February, but on Netflix on the 12th of March. It follows a group of scientists who enter a mysterious and science-defying zone called ‘The Shimmer’

Why be excited:
Natalie Portman. Jennifer Jason Leigh. Tessa Thompson. Gina Rodriguez. In a sci-fi movie. Also, Oscar Isaac is here for a cameo. How are you not sold already?

Why be apprehensive:
The book is.. weird… And it could be easily be mangled. Also, they might kill Tessa and Gina straight away



14th March: Tomb Raider
The Lara Croft reboot arrives, this time with the titular character played by Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander. This version will seemingly take most of its inspiration from the 2013 reboot of the game, the movie sees a novice-not-yet-Tomb-Raiding Lara go in search of her father’s last known location,  a tomb that may hold the fate of humanity.

Why be excited:
A badass female lead action movie, – starring an Oscar winner no less, that slowed down survivor song from the second trailer really worked on me, Alicia Vikander hitting people with a pickaxe.

Why have reservations:
Well, first off there’s the dreaded video game curse that pretty much no movie has been able to break. The creative team are also pretty untested; Roar Uthaug, has the name of a Viking but this is both his first English language film and blockbuster. Similarly, I hope the script makes me excited about Geneva Robertson-Dworet’s upcoming Captain Marvel and Silver & Black movies not nervous as she currently only had ‘upcoming’ films on her resume.  Lastly there’s the fact I find Daniel Wu very attractive but I doubt the movie could pull off a male love interest that is interesting but also doesn’t overshadow the female lead while also being an Asian American Romantic lead in a Hollywood film who doesn’t fall into any of the stereotypes that Hollywood keeps using – but you know that’s a deeply personal demand I have for this movie – I’ll settle for them hitting the bare minimum of avoiding racist stereotypes with his character.



23rd March: A Wrinkle in Time

Based on the trippy ass Madeleine L’Engle book, Ava Duvernay and Disney’s adaptation is the story of Meg Murray, a girl who journeys through time and space to find her missing father.

Why be excited:
The writer of Frozen. The director of Selma. A little girl traversing time and space. Mindy Kaling. Reese Witherspoon.Oprah. The beautiful landscapes of  New Zealand  – need I say any more? Ava Duvernay is also the first women colour to direct a film with a 100 million budget and she’s been pretty vocal about the fact this is the first time a universe full of fantasy worlds imagined by a girl from Compton has made it to the big screen.

Why have reservations:
The movie has a lot of special effects and CGI,  meaning there’s always a danger of it going into full Phantom Menace territory.



23rd of March: Pacific Rim
pacific-rim-uprising-jaeger.jpgThe sequel to Pacific Rim, sees Stacker Pentecost’s son, Jake leading the fight against a new Kaiju threat.

Why be excited:
Robots punching monsters. John Boyega

Why have reservations:
The creative team is pretty untested, also does anyone know why they decided to time skip like ten years?


30th March: A Series of Unfortunate events – Season 2:

The unfortunate Baudelaires return for another series of unfortunate events, the entirety of season two is being dropped on Netflix at the end of March!

Why be excited:
More Beaudelaires! More amusing wordplay! The Quagmires! The Austere Academy! The Ersatz Elevator! The Vile Village! (I’m not excited about the hospital it scares me) And The Carnivorous Carnival!

Why have reservations:
The series decision to include more VFD shenanigans from the get-go is a questionable one, and it could make the story even more convoluted and full of even more unanswered questions than the books. There’s also a danger that everyone involved may find Neil Patrick Harris far too delightful and forget to remind him he’s supposed to be threatening. This series also covers the Austere Academy and Carmelita Spates, whose the kind of character that needs just the right kind of child actor or the audience is going to want to claw both its eyes and ears out.



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