Z-Box February ‘Warriors’ Summary

Z-Box is £20.00 per month which does include postage, this month’s theme was Warriors with a particular emphasis on Black Panther which of course was released this month.


Black Panther Shirt:

Most Z-boxes usually contain a T-shirt, this time it’s for ‘the royal panthers’ presumably the mascots of a fictional Wakandain sports team. The established 1966, the year of black panther’s creation, was a nice touch. I will probably wear this to my rewatches of Black Panther.

Street Fight Coin


A limited edition street fighter coin, I don’t really know much about street fighter so I don’t know if this coin is cool or not. I do like that it’s limited edition though, makes me feel special.

Conner Macleod: Cult Vinyl Figure

DSC_0718There can only be one! – Look that’s the only part I remember – that and Sean Connery was a Scottish/Spaniard/Egyptian. I like this little figure – it’s a bit weird looking but it’s cute

Black Panther Glass 



Okay, I love this glass, it’s got a shiny black panther on it. I also only have one glass in my house so this is very useful.

Whole box shot with really bad lighting!


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