Why my favourite part of Infinity War is the end credits

Yes, I mean the after the credits scene, but somehow even admitting there’s an after the credits scene feels like a spoiler. Also, obviously Infinity War Spoilers. 

My favourite part was the After the Credits Scene.
AKA Oh god this is what I’ve sunk to, AKA four years in the making

Yeah… this is probably not going to be a popular opinion, but when Infinity War finished, my reaction was a resounding ‘Meh’. The movie was brave. It was bold. It was probably the first time a big family blockbuster has done something like this. It just wasn’t a movie I was really that interested in sitting through.

And that’s not really the movie’s fault. It’s not it’s fault I went in already with the theory that everyone will die because they’ll have to time travel in the next one and I really deeply hate time travel of this kind so please don’t do it movie. It’s not the movie’s fault that I hate Doctor Strange (he’s a walking plot device in the comics – don’t at me). It is kind of the movie’s fault for essentially being one big fake out that we all know won’t have many lasting consequences because, have you seen Black Panther’s box office pull? (Although, shout out to all the five-year-olds who don’t know anything about profit margins and probably left this film slightly traumatised. Although maybe after the recent Star Wars Universe offerings of Rogue one and The Last Jedi, we’ve already created a generation of pessimists who expect their heroes to fail).

Anyway, Thanos wins, the movie ends, and the whole theater is in stunned silence. We are all waiting to see if there are end credits. There are. It’s Nick Fury and Maria Hill. Thanos’s destruction has begun to take place on earth. Maria disappears. And then Fury begins to disappear. But before he can fully go, he sends a frantic message on a device. I feel a rising sense of hope but also a hell of a lot of doubt, cause I’ve been here before. I’ve been here before in when I got my hopes up for a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy, and Age of Ultron. I think I might have actually said “Do it” out loud. Fury disappears, the device drops and we see, on the screen, the symbol of Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers. I also think I might have punched the air. And it made the movie for me.


I’ve been waiting for this since 2014. Ever since Captain Marvel was announced back in 2014, to be released July 2018 (yeah we’ll get to that) I have been waiting for her debut. I was so ready for any hint of Captain Marvel, I was hoping she would get a shout out on that list of tracked superheroes in Captain America Civil War. I wanted any hint of her in the MCU so badly that, hell, it’s not even a cameo that’s got me excited, it’s freaking pixels. I left this movie, so, so happy because Captain Marvel might not just show up in Infinity War 2 but show up TO SAVE EVERYONE.

And even though I’m excited, I also still take it with a huge grain of salt. Because being a Captain Marvel fan comes with a lot of disappointment. Her movie has been pushed back three times (its now set for March 2019 – unless it gets unsurprisingly pushed back for the fourth time). The MCU’s complete lack of commitment to its female character, or really anyone other than white man, genuinely killed my interest in the movies for a while. I mean they half-assed this stuff so much, for so long, that ten years in, their first female lead movie is given the carefully worded moniker of ‘the first MCU movie with a female character’s name in the title’ because its an Antman sequel with “And The Wasp” attached. I skipped Dr Strange, Antman and Spiderman Homecoming completely (yes I know homecoming is supposed to be really good), out of complete lack of interest. My belief that the MCU couldn’t surprise me only changed after the one-two hits of Thor Ragnarokk and Black Panther. And, Honestly,  I didn’t see this reference coming at all, because I figured, at best she would get a shout-out in Infinity War 2. And a good portion of me still thinks its a fake out and he’s calling the Kree or Dr. Strange’s cryptic time stone comments are going to rescue everyone because rumors of a Captain Marvel cameo have been disappointing me since 2014. But this movie gave me a crazy shot of nerd hope and captured some of that nerd joy that I honestly haven’t felt since around the second Captain Marvel pushback.

If your favourite comic book character is Thor or Iron Man or Dr Strange or maybe Black Panther (because this movie was very clearly made pre Black Panther’s historic box office, leaving him and Wakanda seriously underserved),  you were probably just happy they made it to screen. That they got to be a part of this awesome movie event. This movie didn’t quite give me that, but it did give me a taste of what that might be like, further down the road. Of what might be to come.



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