Marvel’s Runaways: Episode 1 Recap

I just saw Runaways Episode 1 and I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS OKAY?
Now first off I will be honest that I am not a fair judge of this show, I couldn’t be. Runaways was my first proper comic book it was the comic that got me into comics and it’s one of those things that I acknowledge is wedged in a special place in my nerd heart that makes me that special kind of nerd crazy. So while I will try to be subjective there are limits, I’m not reliable there is probably always going to be a part of me that will not be won over because it’s not the comics and that’s okay However I will reference the comics fifty million times this is me warning you right now but if you don’t have Hulu and want to pour over every detail of this show I am here.


We start off with a literal ‘runaway’ , a lone girl on the bus to LA. If you guessed this girl is probably screwed you are right. After being approached by a couple of guys she’s ‘saved ‘ by a church group who promise to take give her a bed and food. Unfortunately for her she can’t speak Spanish so she can’t understand that the guys are telling her she’d be safer with them. I’m not sure whether these men were supposed to be very helpful creeps or nice men that just don’t know you shouldn’t chase around a women while giving her life advice. The van labeled Church of the Gibborim drives off (we’ll talk more about this later).Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 18.26.42.png

I would like to give huge credit to the credits (this was not intended as a joke) as the shots of various Runaways things around LA (AAAIIIEEE GRIFFITH OBSERVATORY) got me hugely pumped for the show in a way I didn’t thing was possible (again not the series fault that was my own nerd problem).

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 18.23.43.png

Firstly we meet Alex Wilder and tragically there is no Chris Evans as Captain America in a video game cameo – Alex is just introduced playing a regular old video game. Alex’s dad tries to talk to him about playing alone and Alex responds he used to have ‘her’ to play – and dear reader I have read all the Runaways books and I have no idea what the hell they are talking about. We see on the screen that who ever ‘her’ was had the name ‘Super Amy’ and hasn’t logged in for two years. At breakfast Alex rejects his parents suggestions that he make more friends, his parents tell him the standard everyone feels lonely speech but Alex isn’t buying it. Also Alex’s t-shirt to be spot on. His parents discuss the fact that their having their ‘Pride’ charity meeting tonight and that the kids don’t hang out anymore.

We then meet Nico Minoru whose putting on various goth style bits and pieces like make up and clothing, she rips her tights she goes to get some from another room. However her mother is watching on a camera? Mrs Minoru goes to stop Nico who says that her sister won’t need them anymore, and then she accidently breaks a statue and her mum is pissed – it’s clear she and Nico aren’t on good terms. Also Nico has a sister now which has potentially interesting implications and also that sister’s name? Amy.

We then cut to Chase Stein shirtless and honestly this Chase is about as ripped as comic book Chase dreams he was. This is like the guy that comic book Chase would cast to play himself in a TV show. He heads downstairs for breakfast with his dad who is played by HOLY CRAP ITS SPIKE FROM BUFFY. The house is sarcastically covered in magazines devoted to his dad’s genius and –wait, wait, wait- hold the phone. I’m fairly certain that the Steins are a scientist couple? They better not have downgraded Mrs Stein to a lady that makes pancakes. Chase’s dad mention Chase got a C in Spanish and gets real scary. We’ll see whether he’s supposed to be as straight up abusive as in the comics and whether this plot is going to get darker (in the comic books Chase is introduced being punched by his father for the crime of getting a C).

Speaking of changes, we see Karolina Dean in a church group lead by her mother. In the comics her parents were just actors but now her mother seems to head up a scientology parody style religion – want to guess what the church is? That’s right it’s the The Book of Gibborim – which was the van the girl got put in. Karolina is clearly feeling the pressure to be the ‘millennial face’ of the religion and is frustrated her mother won’t let her make her own decisions.

And then finally we see Gertrude Yorkes and Molly formerly Haynes now Hernandez we don’t get to see Molly’s parents because Gert’s mother and father are dropping them off at school. Gert’s parents are straddling the line between delightfully quirky and extremely creepy, when Molly has cramps one of Gert’s mother’s solutions is to give herself an orgasm which –Jesus – I know Molly’s not eleven in this adaption but come on!

Gert’s trying to start an anti-patriarchy club and it is indeed delightful to see OG Gert’s righteousness combined with 2017’s politics. However one character choice I do not like was that Gert tries to hand Chase a flyer and he ignores her and she looks dejected and stuff which genuinely made me yell NO at my screen (look I said Runaways sends me to the crazy fan place). GERTRUDE YORKES CARES FOR THE OPINION OF NO MAN.

Alex watches all the runaways on the yard and reaches a decision. He calls his mum and tells her he wants to invite the other kids to their parent’s charity meeting tonight. Alex’s dad expresses concern about having the kids in the house, which makes him more sensible than any of the comic book versions of the parents who not only had their kids in the house but made it mandatory to come to the meeting each year. Alex’s mother replies no kid is interested in what their parents are doing and walks into a room filled with ominous robes (OH MY GOD GUYS IT’S THE PRIDE ROBES). Cut to Karolina’s mother whose in a creepy ass white room and tells a creepy ass scaly guy on life support that another will ascend.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 22.44.44.png

Gert meanwhile is trying to convince homeroom to join her defeating the patriarchy club to no avail; no one wants to sign up. Speaking of pointless endeavors, Alex tries to get Chase to join his hangout interrupting Chase while he’s trying to design his Fistigons – wait is Chase.. smart.. now? Gert and Karolina join the conversation and it turns out the two of them don’t like each other because of Karolina’s religion. Gert tells Alex his plans are in vain to which Alex says he’s not doing it for him but for ‘her’. Meanwhile Molly is trying out for the dance team but gets cramps, poor Molly.

Now we’re on a shot of Chase’s ass, because Gert is staring at Chase’s ass while Chase tries to convince his teacher to up his Spanish grade. The teacher says no but Gert offers to be his tutor. Meanwhile Alex stops Nico to give her a heartfelt speech about wanting to get the gang back together saying he misses her, but Nico pretends to be wearing ear buds. While crying in the bathroom she bumps into Karolina who is also crying, because of a photo mocking her for being brainwashed is being sent round school. They have a nice chat about hiding behind smiles and or make up.


While Molly’s at the nurse’s office we learn why we haven’t seen her parents. Their dead. Eeeeerrrrr okay? She was adopted by Gert’s family and that is …. A change…. I get that they probably killed off Molly’s parents because their main characteristics was we’re mutants and we’re pissed and the xmen still belong to fox but still. There’s also something just not classy about switching a character’s race then killing them off screen. Molly’s cramps lead her to crumple the metal bench in the Nurses’ office and when she gets home she tries lifting a van, although she only succeeds after it nearly rolls over her. Adorably excited, she gets sleepy and passes out at the garage.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 22.49.24.png


Karolina gives a speech about how great her religion is –including the fact she has never taken its signature bracelet off when the girl from the start of the episode runs up to talk about how great the religion is. Karolina however is more interested in learning how to rebel.That evening the parents start their meeting and we get to see a bit of their personalities. Nico’s dad seems to be nice, Chase’s dad cruel and Gert’s parents dorks. I hope the show will expand on some of the hints of characterization we got in the comic book – in particular the Steins and the Deans. Although, as Mrs Dean appears to be running this cult I think we’re definitely getting more of the Deans. Poor Alex gets home alone and faced with eating six people’s worth of Pizza, debates sending a manipulatively cute old photo to the gang. Chase, who decided to ditch the Spanish tutoring Gert offered him, ends up at the same party as Karolina who is trying her best to rebel. When a guy offers her drugs she seemingly accepts and after watching two girls make out she decides to take off her bracelet. Her hands glow with light and she collapses leaving chases stock jock character friends to reveal their not just stock bully characters but stock rapist bully characters. You know what I wanted in my runaways series was added sexual assault. You know what was so great about the comic THERE’S NO ATTEMPTED RAPE OF KAROLINA. So Chase beats the shit out of them and walks Karolina back to her car, when she tells him about the lights he tells her it was the drugs but as they drive away we see she never took the pills. Off on a beach Nico is doing a spell The Craft style and is distraught when she can’t summon her sister.

Meanwhile Gert, who has currently been possessed by the spirit of a character that cares about boys, has been stood up for Spanish tutoring by Chase who really could have just texted that he was sick. She asks Molly to feed the pets – and by pets she apparently meant a lab full of parrots and iguanas. Molly hears slamming from an ominous door (has she only just noticed it’s part of the house or something??). When she approaches the window something lunges at her, why that something would be kept in this particular container where the kids could see it is really confusing me but who cares because FIRST OLD LACE SIGHTING. Freaked out, Molly asks Gert to take her out of the house and that’s how everyone miserably ends up at Alex’s, who yes did send that manipulatively cute picture to them all.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 22.50.09.png


Aaannddd immediately this get together is a total bust. Everyone is bored; Alex tries to sit in ‘her’ chair. Karolina suggests they just don’t work without Amy. It is interesting to see this shift in the runaways from a group of kids who kind of knew each other because they had to hang out once every year, to a group of friends who have been split by a loss. Chase gets mad at Alex for never going to Amy’s funeral and then they all start snipping their stereotypes at each other – honestly Chase blurting out – “Yeah or Molly! (Pause) – I got nothing against you your really nice” is such a Chase thing to do. They agree to talk things out, although Chase decides he needs alcohol to do so and walks into Alex’s dad’s study, where he offers Gert an apology which she turns down in Spanish. Good – now can their sniping at each other start proper? The kids find their parents missing in the study and after Alex accidentally triggers a switch to a secret tunnel they decide to go exploring. They follow the passage to a balcony, which overlooks a room where their parents are doing weird cult shit in robes. They bring out the girl Karolina met with and strip her, which leads Gert to try and hide Molly’s eyes. The kids watch in horror as the girl is placed in some kind of light beam pod which consumes her – hey kids it could have been worse, in the comic they straight up stabbed her.

The kids barely have time to digest what just happened when Molly trying to get a look at what’s going on takes a picture and the flash goes off alerting the parents to someone’s presence.

Comic Book Spoilers Section:

  • The show adds the Church of Gibborim. Comic book readers will know that the Pride’s purpose is to ultimately serve out the Gibborim’s plan – but do we think that the Gibborim will appear? I have my fingers crossed the church has been added so the kids have an easier path to finding out about the Gibborim and not so the show can pay lip service to a storyline it doesn’t have the budget for.
  • On the subject of the church of Gibborim –have Karolina’s parents been made super religious and Karolina their poster child- in order to make her coming out plot more timely? There was obviously more stigma in the US about coming out as gay in 2004, I honestly thought that the show might just skip the coming out arc and have her be openly out, but Karolina doesn’t seem to be openly out as a lesbian – in fact the advertisements almost seemed to tease a romance with Chase.
  • So the Gibborim are going to have something to do with space right? The fact that Karolina’s grandfather founded their religion makes me thing A) The Deans’ extraterrestrial heritage is wrapped up with the Gibborim or B) They are scrapping the Gibborium and the main threat is the church and Karolina’s family
  • Obviously, one of the biggest changes is Amy, Nico’s deceased sister. So this is a pretty big departure – a sibling should have been off the cards if the pride’s plan is the same as the comic books- each set of parents purposefully had one child- so Amy has to be Nico’s twin right? Unless Nico’s parents were needlessly cruel it makes sense this is how they would end up with an extra child, a tragic twist in their plans. Given how much Amy seems to be set up as the perfect child I’m going to guess that Nico was the one who was going to be sacrificed but Amy witnessed the ritual and so the Pride killed her. It would definitely give the show a lot of angst to milk if Nico found out she was her parent’s least favourite child on every level.
  • Speaking of Nico she seems to have a terrible relationship with her parents in this version – if her gothic stylings are her attempts to rebel she has unfortunately hilariously failed – given the family business.
  • Is Alex still– you know? –This was one of the things that stuck out to me in the pilot – I’m wondering if the addition of Amy and Alex’s mourning of her will be used as an attempt to build some kind of sympathy or redemption arc? Given how much he says ‘her’ and the fact he missed her funeral I’m going to guess Alex will either go full hero in his attempt to avenge Amy or full villain and that he contributed to her death.
  • Look I knew the TV show could not preserve the comic book Gert and Chase relationship of they-seem-to hate-each-other-until-they-kiss-and-wow-they-actually-work-well-together (although Veronica Mars pulled this off seamlessly Runaways take notes), but I didn’t expect Gert to have a one sided crush on Chase. It turns out my inner nerd teen that wanted the pretty boy to fall for her loses against my inner nerd teen who wanted accurate character adaptations. Perhaps now Chase has stood her up Gert can go back to hating him and reluctantly falling for him. She was reventilating him! Anyone who says otherwise gets fed to her F-king dinsosaur!

Things I Want to be Made into Merchandise Now the Runaways Have a Show

Following the announcement of the Captain Marvel movie I remarked (after jumping around copiously,) “imagine all the merchandise that’s coming!”. And whilst there is a cold dead place inside of me that was slowly killed by the movie’s constant push backs that drained my enthusiasm for the film itself, that merchandise part has held true. You can buy Captain Marvel stuff at Hot Topic, not just logo print shirts (what I consider to be the lowest rung of geeky shirts), but a whole range of things, including a themed dress that I just assumed it was fan made when I first saw it because who else would make something that specific?

It’s so beaaauuutttiiffffuuuulllll

With that in mind I’m hoping that the Runaways TV series will be bring some capitalist love to my favourite comic book. If you’re a materialistic person then Runaways is not the fandom for you: in my time on the internet I have found exactly one officially licensed shirt that is no longer sold and its entries on fan powered sites like Etsy and Redbubble can be counted on one hand. I am ready for companies to try and sell me Runaways merch and I have some suggestions.


Seriously, there are no Runaways shirts. I need a shirt with their faces on, I need a shirt with Gert’s face on, I need ‘Anyone says otherwise gets fed to my f$£@ing dinosaur’ on a shirt.

2.Staff of One
Runaways_Vol_2_23_Textless (1).jpg

I need someone to make Staff of One replicas and sell them to me, because I am bad at making things and I have wanted one since I was 16.

3.Molly’s hats

Molly was wearing Pink Cat Hats long before we were living in our current dystopian nightmare. I’d also like one that says Princess Powerful on.

4.Old Lace plushie

BECAUSE I LOVE OLD LACE AND I WANT A TELEPATHIC DINOSAUR OF MY OWN. No joke, someone made an Old Lace plushie for their cosplay and when I bumped into it a convention and I was ecstatic. I may have taken a picture with a giant plushie dinosaur. That convention I was legitimately more pumped to see that dinosaur than Jeremy Renner.

(This a picture of the creator not me)

The Ending of Call Me By Your Name

In which I talk about the ending of a movie very few people have even seen yet. Spoilers, obviously.

Call Me By Your Name is devastating. At least that was my takeaway; when the credits rolled there was an actually physical weight in my stomach. It’s been a long time since a film did that to me. Thank god for the Q&A session after the screening because if I had not had time to process the ending of this film I probably would have cried during my hostel check in.

Now, I am approaching this from a book perspective. I was fairly certain going in that they weren’t going to continue up to the present day segments on account of the fact that Timothee Chalamet really does look 17: this means that they were going to have to either swap him out for another actor for the film’s final scene, or employ some highly unrealistic prosthetics. However, I did not expect the movie to stop where it did.



For those of you who have read the book, the film gets up to the point where Oliver calls to tell them he’s getting married and then the film just… ends. In the book we have the distance of time, it’s a summary of what happened after that summer, it’s not even his last significant experience with Oliver. I for one thought the film would at least reach the point of their last significant in-person interaction. In the books adult Elio recounts this phone call almost offhandedly, for him it seems that time has healed that particular wound. Both the book and the film nearly made me cry, but their relationship with time is entirely different. In the book,that sadness derives from seeing the slow march of time, and it leads them to drift further away from the relationship they had and the people that they were. The film’s heartbreak doesn’t stem from the way time  slowly changes us, but the pain of the here and now. It leaves you right the middle of Elio’s devastation. The final shot of the film is held all throughout the credits. Where you’d normally be collecting your things and walking out the door as the names roll by, here you’re watching Elio in a fixed close up, no transitions, no cut aways, just his face as he tries to fight back tears and deal with the devastating blow to his heart. It was this several minutes long shot that has launched my conviction that Timothee Chalamet deserves at the very least an Oscar (THE OSCAR CAMPAIGN STARTS HERE PEOPLE). It also completely and utterly destroyed the conviction I had had going in that no matter where the film chose to end it was going to be fine, because I knew he’d get over it eventually.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 15.11.27.png

The film effectively forces you into the here and now: Elio can’t do anything but go through the moment and neither can we as the audience. The film ends on an open wound, and that? That hurts.

Runaways 1# She’s bbbbbaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkk!

(spoilers for everything)


SHE LIVES. Yes, despite the fact that this issue opens on Nico’s narration, the bulk of it is devoted to bringing Gert back to life. I suspect the new writer (YA author Rainbow Rowell) didn’t want to make resurrecting Gert too easy, as most of the issue is devoted to Nico frantically trying keep her alive, using increasingly inventive spells from the Staff of One.

If you were wondering how this came about and concluded that Chase pulled some shit, then you’d be right. Yes, Chase inevitably decided that not going back in time and saving Gert was more of a temporary decision rather than a long term one, but I’ll allow the inconsistency because A) I want Gert back and B) Yeah that’s probably something Chase would do.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 17.15.23.png
Either way, it turns out that this series will not be resurrecting Gert so much as ensuring that she never died in the first place. She’s saved from that fateful night and boy did it give me pangs to see that outfit again. The issue ends with Gert stable and I’m sure shit is about to go down because this is sure to bring up a myriad of issues, not least because she is now at least a few years younger than her friends and her boyfriend (is their relationship even legal now???)

I’m glad that Rowell is an avowed fan of the Runaways series and finally achieved the nerd/ Ed Brubaker dream of resurrecting a beloved offed character. As much as the original death plotline made me cry in a good way, I’m glad that my favourite is breathing again and excited to see what this fellow fan has in store for us (and yes I know I’m extremely late on this review, I’ll be up to date by issue three in November).

Unlike this review, the issue is accessible to new readers. I liked the fact it gave a pretty easy rundown of the series without spoiling a good portion of the first comic’s story arc. I also got HUGE feelings with the old outfits and flashback portions of the comic and I’m very excited going forward. It’s almost enough to make me forgive Chase’s new hair. Almost.

What to watch on Netflix Weekly (UK)


The media industry in general is catching up with the concept that the rest of the world does not enjoy waiting months, or even years, for the latest US shows. Asides from Sky Atlantic, Netflix is one of the best places to keep up to date with the shows. So what does a Netflix week look like right now?


Monday – Star Trek Discovery
Unlike America you don’t need to sign up to CBS’ private streaming service in order to watch the new star trek series. Discovery follows disgraced Officer Michael Burnham on the mysterious ship discovery.

star-trek-discovery-michael-burnham.jpgWatch if: You like Star Trek, or making crazy theories about shows


Thursday – Riverdale
Sex! Lies! Covergirl! Shirtless teen Militias! This sexy teen soap just came back for a second season. Riverdale in its second season and has shifted from murder mystery to teen slasher with a serial killer in the loose. However, this season is still full of the twists, references no actual teenager would get and the inappropriate shirtlessness that made so many of us fall in love with it in the first place.

Watch if: You like teen soaps, on a genuine or ironic level


Friday – The Good Place
Congratulate yourself for getting through the week with Mike Schur’s comedy The Good Place. The second season of the Good Place is – well – kind of impossible to talk about. Just know that it’s about a badly behaved individual who mistakenly ends up in the ‘good’ part of the afterlife. While it is a comedy it sure as hell has a lot of twists and turns.
the-good-place.jpgWatch if: You like Parks and Rec, comedies about the afterlife, Kristen Bell


Saturday – Crazy Ex Girlfriend
In lieu of Saturday morning cartoons, Netflix offers us Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Netflix has been releasing episodes weekly since the second season, making the streaming service the exclusive home of Rebecca Bunch and co. This show follows a New York lawyer who moves across country to the home-town of her ex boyfriend – though of course the situation’s a lot more nuanced than that.

P.S. I was joking about the Saturday morning cartoons thing, do not show this to your kids over cereal.

maxresdefault.jpgWatch if: You like musicals or portrayals of mental illness

I am 99% sure that Flatliners is not a horror movie

Okay, so I want to clear up some confusion going around. Some seem to be under the impression that the 2017 movie Flatliners is a horror. Well I have analysed the trailer and I find this very confusing as it is clearly a Diego Luna Med School AU Fanfic. Let’s begin:

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 22.55.52.png
First off the real horror in this trailer is that Diego Luna doesn’t appear until about a minute, and his first appearance appears to be in a blurry background. A less creepy person may not have even noticed him off there in the corner but that person is not me.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 22.56.14.png
However we are rewarded for our patience by not only a shot of Diego Luna in his med coat but then also stripping off his coat.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 22.56.31.pngThank you movie lords. Also the movie’s Wikipedia page claims that his name is Ray, and also that a bunch of other attractive individuals are the main characters, which is of course ridiculous as Dr Ray is obviously the star of this picture WHY ELSE WOULD WE BE WATCHING THESE THINGS.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 22.57.03.pngDr Ray M.D’s arm in a fine grey jumper tends to a patient I’m going to choose to call Terry. As it is Dr Ray tending to him I’m going to assume that the sheer power of his touch revives Terry.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 22.57.28.pngAnother successful operation complete, Diego Luna, medical student and his fellow med friends, tend to their patient, Paul.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 22.57.42.pngIf you have seen any episode of any medical show made after the year 2000 then you know that med students work hard and party harder – and I’ve seen Grey’s Anatomy – screw like bunnies – but we’ll get to that later. Medical Student MD shows off his fun side by doing shots with his fellow med students/patients/roommates?- I don’t know none of them have been in a Star Wars movie.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 22.58.20.pngMed Student MD holds his liquor as everyone else runs around the street like fools. He humbly agrees not to let the camera close up on him as everyone else is in a long shot and the world suffers for it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 22.58.32.pngDr Ray strides through the corridors with the people he is pretending are his peers, even though Diego Luna is 37 and everyone else is in their early 30’s or late 20’s, officially making him the sexy middle-aged version of the Steve Buscemi ‘how do you do fellow kids’ meme. Though of course everyone is that compared to Kiersey Clemmons, who’s 23. (KIERSEY IF THEY EVER GET ROUND TO MAKING THAT FLASH MOVIE I’LL DO ONE OF THESE FOR YOU)

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.00.15.png
Dr Ray, MD. PHD, BA, ESQ, is just so happy to be happy you guys.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.01.16.pngDr Jay disapproves of a new experimental treatment that involves solely his healing touch bringing people back to life through pure desire to see Diego Luna’s face one last time.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.01.38.png
Dr Ray begins to doubt himself in a fabulous grey long sleeved number, which whilst beautiful is not as tight as the blue shirt. 4½ / 5.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.01.48.png
Dr Ray’s healing touch saves another patient- Hey did you guys know Ellen Page was in this movie- what do you mean she’s the main character – WE HAVE BEEN OVER THIS THE PROTAGONIST OF THIS MOVIE IS DR RAY, MEDICAL STUDENT, MD, PHD.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.02.13.png
Dr Ray rocks a hair bun while making the moves on Nina Dobrev, fulfilling a number of people’s very specific fantasy of being Nina Dobrev and hooking up with a variety of attractive actors (DON’T TRY TO DENY IT INTERNET I’VE SEEN THE TUMBLR ‘IMAGINES’)

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.03.50.png

Dr Ray finally gets frustrated with his lack of screen time and responds by denying his face. This on it’s own nearly kills a patient.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.04.07.png
Dr Ray begins to think that the life saving business may be too stressful and contemplates becoming a barista instead.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.05.20.png
But the world still needs Dr Ray’s biceps to revive his patient/fellow med student/roommate – look have you guys never seen Grey’s Anatomy – every doctor ends up a patient eventually (RIP GEORGE O’ MALLEY – I HATED YOU BUT GODDAMN YOU HAD A TRAGIC DEATH).  

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.05.38.png

The world mourns as Dr Ray throws on a sweater – that being said it is a cute sweater – wait – wait – is that – is that Ethan Chandler adorably out of place for the Victorian era sweater???

penny_dreadful_ittle_scorpion (1).jpg

I believe it is.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.06.41.png
The room itself begins to come alive at Dr Ray’s power. How will Dr Ray cope with being this attractive? You’ll just have to watch Flatliners when it comes out the 29th September this year for the continued adventures of Dr Ray and his attractive but not as attractive patients/roommates/science friends.

Bojack Horseman Trailer Analysis : What’s in store for Season 4?

I know that rhymes, I hate myself, I’m sorry.


Diane ended last season taking a role at Mia Mckibbin’s blog GirlCroosh. However given how down Diane has been on online journalism sites like Buzzfeed in the past, it’s questionable whether or not she’ll be able to adapt to a working for a website that writes articles like “Swipe Left on the Patriarchy”.

Early reviews have also indicated that part of Diane’s arch this season will involve her taking a surprising position on gun control which the last two stills below support.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 00.30.59.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-03 at 00.30.42.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-03 at 00.34.52.png

Mr Peanutbutter

And then there’s Mr Peanutbutter. As you’ll remember at the end of the last season he was approached by his ex wife Katrina (who was not pizza) to make a run for governor. It’s kind of questionable how suited Mr Peanutbutter is to actually being the governor, and given the producers claim that the season was written before the results of the election came to pass, I can’t help but wonder if some of this material about an inept political candidate is going to feel less funny than it should.

It also appears to Mr Peanutbutter’s political rival will be called Chuck Woodchuck and judging from the still below, he does not like Mr Peanutbutter’s (although there appears to a picture of them together in his office).

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 00.31.44.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-03 at 00.31.16.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 00.35.04.png

Diane AND Mr Peanutbutter

One of the things that simultaneously works best and worst for the characters of Diane and Mr Peanutbutter is how independent they are of each other. Mr Peanutbutter is often suited to zany madness like Todd while Diane often finds her self in more serious, introspective plots that often push ideas of depression or happiness. Most of the time this works but occasionally it makes them not seem like a couple at all (perhaps if Diane had been more intune with Mr Peanutbutter’s shenanigans last season Cabracadabra would not have devolved into the disaster it did). Potential conflict was hinted at the end of last season when Mia asked Diane if she would ever be willing to write about her husband if he did something ‘problematic’. Diane has always been a character intune with politics and making a difference so  I’m not sure if she’s going to be able to support Mr Peanutbutter the whole way through his campaign (he is after all an under qualified candidate prone to zany schemes that only occasionally save underwater cities). Perhaps the most alarming shot in the trailer is the last one of this section, in which Mr Peanutbutter appears to push Diane against a wall as she tries to trash his office. Obviously I have no idea what the context is here and I also find it hard to guess. Bojack Horseman is the sort of show where I could see the possibility of  a couple having a fight where they both act shitty, or a character who has constantly portrayed as so effortlessly nice as Mr Peanutbutter snapping and hurting his wife. We’ll have to see when the show hits on Friday.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 00.31.56.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 00.35.37.png

Princess Caroline

Princess Caroline’s story this season seems to be focused on having a family. Although she may or may not be conflicted about starting a family with a mouse. I feel like this season may end up getting in to cat/mouse tensions and I’m worried this means Princess Caroline may be headed towards another heartbreak. If it’s going to happen I imagine that the catalyst (no pun intended) will probably be whatever Squeakyvus is, as it appears to be a holiday where mice dress up as cats and maybe tell horror stories about them. As you can see from the trailer shot below, Princess Caroline does not appear to be a fan of this holiday.

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Todd’s gonna, Todd. As always Todd seems to have a whole new bunch of crazy schemes lined up this season including but not limited to, setting up traps, being photographed by the paparrazzi, being a catwalk model and stealing popcorn with  a drone.

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Obviously for a show called Bojack Horseman there really isn’t alot of him in the trailer, which seems to be a key plot this season as no one seems to know where he is or has been. Two definite locations we see in the trailer are Dinoworld and an old house. Dinoworld should be interesting and we might get to see what the dinosaurs were like, and what happened to them in the Bojack universe. The state of the house suggests it might be one from Bojack’s childhood but also it has a lake outback which really reminds me of his dream life from season 1.
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Another theme brought up in a lot of the early reviews is learning to care for others. The appearance of Bojack’s potential daughter and what looks like the illness or possible dementia of his mother, could see him take a turn towards taking care of others for once. Although again this is totally the sort of show that could have a ‘heart of copper’ protagonist commit to fatherhood or throw a devastating paternity fake out our way and I wouldn’t be surprised. If Bojack’s daughter really is his daughter hopefully Bojack won’t f- up these duties too much, hopefully.

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